What's up with the insects?

I am often asked why I decided to use insects on our labels. It honestly started with my son. I was researching all the thousands of candle labels that are out on the market and many of them are stunning , clever and striking in their design. But how to stand apart? Our son Davis has always been a champion of insects. Whenever he has discovered one on a playground, some of the other boys would want to step on it for the ewww factor but Davis would scoop it up and take it to a safe haven. He and the neighboring kids built many a bug hospital in the backyard for the sick or injured insect. So when it came to our labels I asked him what his spirit animal is and he replied “The dragonfly.” And I was off and running because I, too, love dragonflies and wanted Davis to see a part of his world on our candles. And then it occurred to me that without these little guys, we wouldn’t have the essential oils that we use in our candles.

The photo below is not great quality but it is the model for our Respite label! He would come every day to the courtyard here at our studio. So Respite was our first candle and we were off and running. In fact there is a story behind every label. Visit our shop page and click on every candle to read the story behind every label. Thank you for visiting us and viva les insects!