Meet our newest candle (& bug!)

Just in time for Aquarians across the world, introducing our newest candle - Barefoot Aquarian! It is absolutely heavenly. Eucalyptus, rosemary and a hint of peppermint are a rapturous blend. We did a mini release at Sentrel Natural Beauty Store and they sold out in one day! And our label artist, Jessi Bostad, knocked it out of the park with the firefly design. We took some artistic license to reveal the “lantern” when looking down at the prince of twilight. And we love the cobalt wings with our cobalt jars. Collaborating with Jessi is as much fun as crafting a new scent. She is super easy to work with and really listens to you and has the philosophy that the best answer wins no matter where it comes from! And that aligns with us perfectly. All of our candle labels have a story to tell and Barefoot Aquarian is no different and we think it’s a story that most everyone will identify with.

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Peace & light

greg bryant