All in the Family

My sweet son and husband

My sweet son and husband

I am often asked about the name Candle Daddy. When I tell people the name the response is universal - always a smile and often a giggle. Perfect! In this time of the #MeToo movement, women businesses supporting each other, and the push to move aside the good old boys in Washington, the name always reminds me of my struggle to become a dad. Early on the State of Texas told me we could apply to foster-to-adopt but nothing would ever come of it. Why it was only 2015 when I received the right to marry the one I love. As a gay man I experienced society brushing our voices aside. I watched my mom raise us three boys by herself in a time when a divorced woman was looked down upon or worse. If her chin ever trembled or her will to make it faltered, I never knew it. I bore witness to someone who held family in the very center of her existence and fought tooth and nail to support it.

And so it is with me. I hold my family in the very heart of everything I do including the candles. Every label tells a story, every scent lights up a memory. So to have the privilege of calling myself a dad and a husband is quite possibly the greatest honor I know of. When friends dubbed me candle daddy before I became Candle Daddy, I knew that name was a perfect fit. It makes me smile every day too.

Peace & light,

Greg Bryant